ByebyeData Eraser FAQs

Frequently asked questions on ByebyeData Eraser, you can find answers here.

Can-I problems

Sure, it is safe to erase the unused space, or free space, in the boot partition, or C Drive. As most of the programs are installed to this partition as a default setting, it is necessary to wipe this free space clean after uninstalled applications.

Yes, you can erase a specific file by adding it to the list and click Secure Erase to start.

Like you would like it to wipe specific folders in the night when you're not working? Sorry, no, the current version doesn't support such settings.

Yes, we can completely erase a hard drive with more than data sanitation standards. And the well-known DOD wiping methods are also included.

No, sorry, in the current version, we do not support command line methods.

Yes, we can create ByebyeData Eraser to bootable USB.

Yes, this program can erase data beyond scope of recovery, no matter how professional the data recovery software can be.

That depends on how you'd like to get rid of the hard drive. Reuse or never use?

Reuse: just overwrite the hard drive, erase everything in it. Choose more than 3 passes overwriting methods in ByebyeData Eraser to do the slow but secure data clean.

Never use again: wipe the hard drive first and then physically destroy it.

How-to problems

If the broken hard drive can still boot but only bad sectors slow down the performance, you can make a bootable media and erase the hard drive from it.

But if it fails to boot, disconnect the hard drive and plug it into another pc, and then run ByebyeData Eraser from it.

Or make a bootable CD from anther PC and boot the CD on the broken hard drive.

You can wipe the hard drive entirely and reinstall system by booting from the Windows Setup disk. Or you can just wipe data partitions and erase free space in C Drive without reinstalling.

Create a bootable CD/DVD on ByebyeData Eraser ISO file and you can erase the laptop hard drive, if you don't have CD/DVD driver for the laptop, take a USB instead and make it bootable.

But if you have multiple disks connected to the laptop, you don't have to erase it from bootable media if it is the data disk/ backup disk you want to deal with.

Do you wanna keep the system or not? if keep the OS, you can wipe data partition and free space in C Drive, check this guide page on how to erase a hard drive before selling?

Don't keep the OS either: boot from CD/DVD/USB to erase the hard drive.

Click Erase files and folders in ByebyeData Eraser and add the files you want to erase to the list. And then choose a standard to erase.


Click Erase Drives in ByebyeData Eraser and add the files you want to erase to the list. And then choose a standard to erase, but if the partition you're erasing is C Drive or system partition, you can only erase it from a bootable media.


Disconnect it from PS3/4 console and connect it to a normal PC or laptop, you can then erase it in ByebyeData Eraser.